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Nikon’s Mirrorles System Might Ignite Real Change!

Could Nikon’s entry into the world of serious mirrorless camera systems change the way that serious enthusiasts & professionals approach photography? Could this spark even greater change from other camera makers, & bring more consumers back to serious cameras? Could … Continue reading

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Smart, Local Holiday Shopping Tips

As a retailer, I work long hours & simply don’t have much time for holiday shopping. But, I’ve also got enough knowledge about how retail works, so that I can get my holiday shopping done quickly & efficiently, while getting … Continue reading

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When You’re the Only Camera Store Around…

At Service Photo, we’re an authorized dealer for major camera brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, & others. We buy & sell all kinds of new & used camera gear every day. We rent many types of cameras, lenses, & … Continue reading

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The Joint Photographic Experts Group developed the JPEG compression method long ago.  I’ve attached a video link, to a detailed explanation of how that compression method works.  It’s a little long, and somewhat dry, but very informative.  If you shoot … Continue reading

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Re-Connect with Specialty Camera Stores

As most photographers know, specialty camera stores and businesses that cater specifically to them have been disappearing for many years. For me, this fact is particularly troubling because I am in my 25th year of ownership at Service Photo. We … Continue reading

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The loss of yet ANOTHER Camera Dealer.

Here we go again.  Photographers in the D.C. area have now lost another great resource – this time, as national specialty dealer Calumet Photo filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy & immediately closed all 15 of their USA stores.- including the … Continue reading

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The case against 100gb+ Memory Cards

Service Photo has sold memory cards for well over 15 years now, and we have seen the constant evolution of size & speed throughout that time.   It’s funny to think that a 32Mb card once cost several hundred $ – … Continue reading

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