Nikon’s Mirrorles System Might Ignite Real Change!

Could Nikon’s entry into the world of serious mirrorless camera systems change the way that serious enthusiasts & professionals approach photography? Could this spark even greater change from other camera makers, & bring more consumers back to serious cameras? Could it catapult the photo industry into greater relevance? I say yes, & tell you why.

Over the past few years, mirrorless cameras have gotten serious.  DSLR’s still account for 70% of all interchangeable lens cameras, but mirrorless cameras are coming on strong. Sony is taking the marketplace by storm, with the most requested mirrorless cameras & lenses available. Fuji is producing a fantastic lineup of mirrorless camera & lenses – including their medium format GFX. Canon has produced a handful of mirrorless items that are popular with some of their customer base. And, Panasonic & Olympus have nice systems. It may seem that the mirrorless camera category is crowded, but in my opinion, it’s just getting started. The long awaited introduction of a Nikon mirrorless camera system could easily change photography gear, and photography, as we know it.

Sony’s increase in popularity over the last several years has been astounding, but Canon & Nikon are still the leaders in total market share of camera & lenses. Canon has introduced a handful of mirrorless products recently, but their introductions have not been groundbreaking. Professional photographers & serious enthusiasts have not widely embraced their EF-M system. Canon seems ready for a breakout, and a full frame mirrorless camera is surely in development – but it looks like Nikon will beat them to it, with the introduction of a full frame mirrorless camera system in the near future.

I have no inside information, or special knowledge about the new Nikon camera system, but the rumors & buzz about its introduction seem credible. It seems that Nikon has waited this long to introduce a system, because they wanted to get it right. A large FX sensor + a myriad of features, all in a smaller lightweight package, is expected along with a handful of lenses in their new mirrorless lens mount. But most important in their new system lineup, will be the introduction of a serious adapter to utilize Nikon F mount lenses.

Then Nikon F mount has been around since 1959, and has persevered through the inventions of autofocus & digital photography. However, it seems that a new lens mount is needed to meet the “challenges of the future”. Many die hard Nikon users cringe at this thought, because more than 95 million Nikkor lenses have been manufactured for use in interchangeable lens cameras and photographers want to use them on their new mirrorless cameras! Have no fear. This is surely a Nikon priority, and the Nikon F mount adapter might just be the most important item in their mirrorless rollout.

Competition makes everyone work harder. If Nikon makes a big splash in the mirrorless marketplace, it will surely motivate Canon, Sony, Fuji, & others to introduce new & innovative products. Smaller mirrorless players might need to completely rethink their strategies. In the end, these new product introductions will benefit photographers, move the camera industry forward, and bring new relevance to serious photography in our iPhone world.

Will this be one small step forward for Nikon, or one GIANT step forward for photography?  We’ll have to wait & see.   I’m ready. Service Photo is ready.  Are you?

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