Smart, Local Holiday Shopping Tips

As a retagesailer, I work long hours & simply don’t have much time for holiday shopping. But, I’ve also got enough knowledge about how retail works, so that I can get my holiday shopping done quickly & efficiently, while getting favorable deals & supporting hard working local merchants – which is exactly what I like to do. Here are some of my tips for holiday shopping:

Will you be buying consumers electronics or really popular products? If so, understand that the “deals” will continue to change (get better) right up until Christmas. The best prices of the year are not only during black Friday or Cyber Monday periods – they are also available during the week before Xmas. In fact, the deals are often better between 12/17 & 12/24.

Local merchants really get busy in the last week before Xmas, and that’s when you’ll not only get the lowest prices – but also the best guidance, instruction, & support for whatever you purchase. I’ve got nothing against Amazon, or any other internet resources – but they make their money by shipping lots & lots of boxes. Local merchants are in business because of their high level of service, and are usually experts in their respective fields. You can get the lowest prices AND the best guidance by buying locally. Proper guidance means that you’ll go home with the best products for your needs – and that translates into saving money in the long run.

Best of all, local merchants are able to assist their customers – the people who actually purchased from them – throughout the life of the products  purchased. If you bought online & need assistance down the road, you’ll probably end up working directly with the manufacturer or large internet reseller. This adds time, inconvenience, & cost to the overall transaction. Obviously, I’m biased – but I’ve found that working with local sources can save me lots of time & aggravation in the long term. To me, that’s a big deal because time is money. And, aggravation is just that – aggravating.

Happy holidays to all !

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