Nikon 1 System – Toy?, Tool?, or BOTH!

The introduction of the Nikon 1 camera system was immediately met with both enthusiasm & skepticism in October.  For many, the Nikon J1 & V1 cameras represent an opportunity to get superior image quality & video capability from a small camera with interchangeable lenses. But for many Nikon SLR purists, the Nikon 1 system didn’t initially make sense.  After nearly a month in the marketplace, the jury is back with its verdict – and the Nikon 1 is a huge success!

In the camera business, we see all types of photographers taking all types of images – but every now & then, many different types of photographers seem to agree on a specific piece of camera gear.  Fifteen years ago, we saw many Pros who shot 35mm, medium format, & large format absolutely fall in love with the Contax G2 system.  It offered them superior image quality, in a compact camera, with sharp interchangeable lenses & quality accessories.   Today’s digital version of that Contax G2 looks to be the new Nikon 1 system.

The Nikon J1 & V1 cameras are incredibly fast, the image quality is great, and the new features – like taking full resolution stills while shooting full HD video at the same time – are phenomenal.  Cameras & lenses are readily available, and accessories are starting to arrive in the marketplace this week.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot – Nikon just started Instant Rebates on the J1, V1, & lenses, too.  You can now save $50 on a J1 or V1 kit, and save $100 on each additional lens! (limited time, of course – contact Service Photo for details)

Remember, this is the camera that many Pros wanted to dismiss – but the reality turns out to be the opposite.  Check out this link from Steve Huff –

The Nikon 1 system is impressive – it’s a fun toy AND a great tool.  And when the Nikon F mount adapter hits the market in the near future, Nikon users will be able to use their current SLR lenses and get a 2.7x focal length magnification.  It’s gonna be fun!

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