Details of our “Super Sale” on 11/4 & 11/5!

In the camera business, we often pass on manufacturer “instant savings”, instant rebates, & mail-in rebates offers.  And, we try to stay competitive with all of our pricing every day.  There simply aren’t many opportunities to offer our local customers serious savings that  cannot be found elsewhere – but our 2 day “Super Sale” next weekend will  do just that, by providing savings opportunities that will not be matched anywhere else!

If you go to anytime prior to our sale, you’ll find a link to our sales information.   But, Please allow me to explain here, in detail, some of the great deals that we will bring to our customers next weekend, with the help of our vendors:

Need or want a tripod?  Manfrotto & Gitzo deals cannot be beat!  There are different deals going on simultaneously that can save you big bucks – for 2 days only:

  • We’re taking 10% OFF all Manfrotto & Gitzo Prices.  Simple.
  • Trade-in any  crappy old tripod and/or head, and get a guaranteed $100 Off any Manfrotto Tripod kit or $200 Off any Gitzo Tripod kit! Call us for full details.
  • Mail-in rebates are available on many Manfrotto & Gitzo tripods!
  • The first 10 photographers that buy a Gitzo tripod during our 2 day sale will get an additional $100 off – just because!

Need a great set of Studio Lights?  Elinchrom will have very special deals on lighting!

  • We’re taking 10% Off  on all Elinchrom lighting items!  Simple.
  • Mail-In Rebates are available on Many Elinchrom kits!
  • The fist 10 photographers who buy an Elinchrom 500 BXRi  or D-Lite 4 kit will get an additional $100 Off – just because!

Great deals on Nikon & Canon items , + all of their instant rebates on Coolpix, Powershots, Lenses, & SLR bodies!  Many SLR cameras are being offered at unbelievable low prices, and other SLR kits include free memory cards & UV filters!  All new Nikon 1 system cameras also include a free memory card & UV filter!

For 2 days only, take 10% off  any X-Rite, Benro, Sekonic, Pocketwizard, & Quantum items.  We’ll also have great deals on Profoto items – just ask the rep for all of these products, George Fennell.  He can also get you Tenba bags at Service Photo’s regular dealer cost!

Speaking of camera bags, Everything from Lowe-Pro & Tamrac will be prices at our regular dealer cost or Lower!  That’s right – we want to clear out our huge inventory of camera bags, bacpacks, rolling cases, & more, and we are practically giving them away!.  You won’t find a lower price on a Lowe-Pro, Tamrac, or Tenba product anywhere!

Black Rapid straps are one of the hottest new camera accesories in the entire photo marketplace – and Service Photo will be discounting all Black rapid straps 10% during our sale event.  Get a full demonstration on this fantastic product from their rep Dave Sherman!

Have you heard about Tamron’s new 18-270mm PZD lens?  You’ve got to take a look at this new lens (and all other Tamron lenses) – to see what the buzz is all about.  Tamron has hit a HOME RUN with this new lens, and we’ll have special pricing & free UV filters, along with special event mail-in rebates available from Tamron – for 2 days only!

And, don’t miss the opportunity to save 10% to 20%on all Inkjet papers & inks, plus savings of20% or MORE Off all PROMASTER photo accessory items.

If you have any questions  about our sale – please email – or give us a call at (410) 235-6200!

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